Cross-Cultural training is an essential skill for people who travel, communicate, and do business across cultures. We hold individual and company trainings to assist you in your business dealings around the world.

Each region of the world, each country, each people group, is influenced by their history, traditions, religion, and other formative factors. As a continually growing globalized world, we are more and more in contact with people of various backgrounds. Although we are using predominantly an international language this does not mean we are all on the same page. There are specific styles of communication that have to do with more than language. This is what a successful international business person needs to be aware of. What are these different styles, who uses them? How do we each view the importance of time, space, and relationship? These are essential parts of our cross-cultural puzzle that can either make or break a business deal. Here at ICCM, we teach the competencies necessary to gain a better understanding of your international counterpart thus acquiring the ability to cross-culturally negotiate and develop productive relationships in your business endeavors.