The Cultural Museum

Visit ICCM’s Cultural Museun and investigate visual culture. Learn how monuments, food,and products reflect the values, ideals, and beliefs of a culture.

New York City

What would you say about the beliefs, ideals and values of a culture judging by these images?

Tokyo, Japan

Look through our gallery and then look through a variety of cultural characteristics. See if you can match the photo to the correct cultural characteristic.

Great Wall of China

Think of the ideals and beliefs behind the images

What cultural characteristics would you apply to each culture represented in each photo?

Choose from the vocabulary below.

Direct Communication StyleCollectivistHierarchicalIndulgence Structured Monochronic
Indirect Comminucation StyleIndividualistEgalitarianRestraintFlexiblePolychronic

Apply as many of these cultural characteristics as you can to each photo.