International Cross-Cultural Management

We are cross-cultural experts who specialize in training and consultation on the effective cultural interaction between people from various backgrounds from the Americas, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia.

Cross-cultural competence refers to one’s ability to understand people from different cultures, communicate and engage with them in an efficient manner. Gaining cross-cultural competence offers the means to be effective in your interactions with people from cultures around the world.

The Ability to competently communicate and work with people from around the world is becoming more and more necessary every day. With people traveling extensively for work, pleasure, and relocation, developing the tools for smooth relationships is key to success.

I am a certified cross-cultural expert and executive trainer in the field. I also specialize in mediation and company conflict resolution. I have an extensive background in international leadership, psychology, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, and international etiquette and protocol. My education is vast and extends almost 40 years spent living, working, and training in various countries and cultures around the world. I started my cultural training in 1981.
Why I do this job.
I believe that learning about cultures gives us invaluable information on how to develop an understanding of human diversity, improve our communication skills, and cultivate relationships locally and around the world. When we understand and respect each other we eliminate fear and prejudices then we can take this global community to a higher level. Learning puts us in a position to flourish in our personal and professional lives. I advance in my goals when I see the people and companies I train and consult with move forward in their goals. This is why I do what I do.

I work with a team of experts that specialize in various areas of the world and in diversified fields of expertise.